EX2 not showing in local network on all computers

I have an Ex2 on my network where 5 computers access. Only one of these computers has the ability to connect to the drive through the network. Any ideas on what could be wrong ?

Search for “windows enable network discovery”

thank you for the reply. I have the network discovery turned on and all computers and the drive are of the same workgroup name. The device shows on all computers, 4 of them it shows as a storage device and will only allow online access to the control panel. On the 5th computer it allows for direct network access to the drive.

Maybe SMB version is different?

Thank you for the response. I’m not sure what that is or how to tell if the versions are different.

Also look up on your NAS manual how to set the SMB version

Go to Settings → Network → SMB Protocol and change the SMB version to “SMB 2, SMB 3” and check if it works. If yes, you need to update your Windows PCs and change the SMB version back to 3.

It worked! Thank you for the assistance

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