Ex2 mapping, admin works, others don't - user activity log

Fixed IP address. Just local LAN, not cloud. All admin functions and access work.

Problem is other users (win 7 & 10) can’t access / map protected shares, but can access public shares. I can see all the shares folders once a public share is mapped on each pic.

I have had to make a folder public to allow the users access to it, but it’s not ideal for other folders that need controlled access.

Am I missing something simple ?

Ps is it possible to set/record a users activity log for
IP address logon/off
Folders access
File changes\ copying etc

There’s a trick you have to understand with Windows.

Windows only allows you to connect to a specific NAS with only one user/password at a time. And whichever they connect with first, that user will be the one the NAS allows or disallows connections to the various shares.

So you need to make absolutely sure that the first share they connect (and authenticate) to is the restricted share(s). Once they’ve connected to one of those, they can then connect to any share that user has access to (including all Public shares.)