EX2 Issues with seeing files on TV

I am having issues with my SMART TV seeing the files on my NAS. I can get into the folders easily… but when i go into the folder to see the files it says there is nothing there. Do i have my NAS configured wrong?

Where are your files located? Are files stored in the Public share? Or do you have them in private shares?

It would be best if you could share the steps you are following to access content within your TV since some files could be filtered based on compatibility settings. I’d also recommend to double-check your NAS’s sharing permissions since media serving permissions need to be taken into consideration.

Currently I have my files under the public folder. I believe i figured out the issue. For some reason, my TV pops up the NAS as an “UNPNP” server which doesn’t allow me to see all of the files correctly. On my phone, i have the option to connect to the file server or UNPNP - if i connect to the Filesever i have no issues.

Is there an issue with UNPNP that could be causing this?

Steps taken from TV:

  1. turn it On
  2. Go to Media/Videos
  3. Select MyCloudEX2 (auto pops up)