EX2 Constant Read/Write until reboot. Slow performance

Hi everyone,
I’ve had my EX2 for maybe a year now and really like it. The only issue I have (which I’m having presently) is that sometimes it goes into some kind of read/write loop and never stops. During this time access to files on the drive is sluggish and logging in to the GUI takes upwards of 20 minutes.
The only way to get it to stop is pull the power (not my preferred method) or reboot via the GUI. But as stated above, while it’s in this state it can sometimes take 20 minutes to log in so that I’m able to. If I’m able to get to the GUI the CPU and RAM are near maxed out. This state does not change until reboot.
This seems to present itself when I’m doing a lot of read/write jobs (transferring lots of files or large files). Once the job is complete, the drive leds will just keeps going indefinitely until I reboot the thing.
Anyone else experience this behavior? I don’t have any third party apps running. It’s just acting as a standalone file server.

Is this behavior present after disabling the unit’s media server? Transcoding files can at times tax the unit until the process is completed.

The media server is enabled but I use Plex from my PC, so my local machine is handling any transcoding.

FYI. I’ve disabled the Anti Virus app and haven’t had any recurrences. What a hog that app is.