EX2 cloud backup capability with Backblaze B2

Backblaze is offering a cloud backup solution that competes against the Amazon S3 service called B2. My Cloud EX2 storage offers bundled cloud backup service capabilities with the Amazon S3 (and another called ElephantDrive)—that greatly helps with setup time. Can we get such capabilities with Backblaze B2?

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Status: Acknowledge

@ERmorel Do you have any updates on this?

Unfortunately not. Would still like to know if possible. Heck, I cannot even get Amazon S3 to work with it.

I was wondering, because @ERmorel posted quite some time ago that this is ackowledged.

I got S3 working, but then decided to go with ElephantDrive, as there is no possibility to encrypt my data on Amazon with the built in app. Also it is not possible to sync data, so I would have to manually delete files on S3.

With ED data is encrypted already on the device before transferring and everything keeps in sync. However, I could find out, that the password is stored in plain text (!) on the NAS.

I would really like to see an option like Backblaze B2 with (private key) encryption and syncing.

I would like to see the DL4100 have a Backblaze B2 Sync client.

Try the Duplicati package from http://wdcommunity.com/

Podría utilizarse la aplicación de la web: https://stablebit.com/CloudDrive
para poder añadir la unidad de red a nuestro pc como si fuera un disco duro y, así, poder ser reconocido por BACKBLAZE?
lo ha probado alguien?