EX2 Bug - Edge Browser - Amazon S3

Recently I configured some new backup jobs to an Amazon S3 account. For many years I have successfully used the Amazon S3 backup feature with my EX2.

Since I recently upgraded to Windows 10, I decided to use the Edge browser for connection to my EX2. When I setup the S3 backup job, I was constantly getting backup failure messages and for days I could not solve the problem. After much digging, it appears the Edge browser was inserting some spaces and/or spurious characters after my entry into the Remote Path field. The Remote Path field is where you enter the name of your Amazon S3 bucket. Even if I edited that field and manually removed the trailing “blank” characters, the problem did not go away.

I then used Google Chrome and was able to successfully create the backup job with no trailing characters added after the contents of Remote Path field. Below is an image of one of the setup screens you must complete to configure an Amazon S3 job, you can see the Remote Path field.

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Sorry but I am not sure what you mean.

I am an experienced user and through testing I found a solution, detailed in my initial post, that solved the problem for me, but if there is indeed an issue with Microsoft Edge, then WD should address the problem.