EX2 boot time is around 2-3 hours

Hi Guys,

Last week I ejected one of my disks and added a new one.

Since the new disk was a defective one, I shutdown EX2 and reinstalled the first one.

After boot - data is accessible and all is great, however…

Since that day - EX2 boot time is around 2-3 hours… nothing helps…

I called support - they suggested hard factory restore and format disks… great… go backup 8Tb…

Any clue/idea/suggestion? … please…



A factory restore… as support suggested.


would it hard data on the disks, or it will “understand” there is data of EX2 cloud and will be able to re-access it?


If you do a factory restore, you will LOSE all your data as it will ERASE the drives, so back up your data.

It is not hard/bad on the HDDs.

Thanks for the heads up.

I have no way to backup 7.5Tb of data to external disks so I can format my NAS which is my main data repository :frowning:

Any additional ideas? please?



Honestly, none. Rebooting will only take it several hours. Short of rebuilding it or resetting the NAS’ settings or wiping completely, not too sure. 

I would also highly suggest a “backup” of the NAS. Having 1 respository isn’t a good backup solution.

Use a service like crashplan would be my argument.  Then the rebuild is surely slow(download 7.5 terabytes will make your provider happy) but it is one surefire way of keeping it safe I guess.

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Hi all,

Issue resolved by doing factory default, no data lost.