EX2 becomes slow/unresponsive

I have an EX2 with 2 3TB WD Red drives. The NAS is hardlined to a Gigabit router and my computer is running a Killer E2500 Gigabit Card also hardlined to the same router.

The NAS will be running normally getting around 100MB/s then randomly transfer speeds will drop to 200KBs and the dashboard (local network not cloud) is unreachable. The only way I can fix this is to unplug the NAS, it returns to normal for another week or two and it all starts again. I have disabled all power saving and sleep options and have the latest firmware. I also run a hardware/system check after reboot and it reports everything is fine.
I opened a ticket about a year ago with support and they had me factory reset the device. This resolved the issue for a few months but then it came back… At this point I am way outside my warranty.

Not sure if its related, but I also never hear the fans kick on, they will run during a system check, outside of that I don’t hear anything.

Anyone have any ideas why this is happening and how I can fix it?


You may refer to the following links:




Thank you for your reply, however, neither of those links actually apply to my issue.
Link 1: I explained that I am using a gigabit ethernet adapter hardlined to a gigabit switch hardlined to the mycloud EX2. The data being transfered is not a backup or streaming, the file is a few GB not TB and it is going from C:\user\name\download to D:. DLNA remote access and itunes streaming is disabled. Data is not being moved to a plex scanned folder and backups are not run/stored on the MyCloud EX2.

Link 2: In this link it states the issue is slow dashboard access but access to the shares is fine. This is not the case. When access to the shares is slow, access to the dashboard is also slow and vise versa.
I am unable to check device activity/ resource usage as I cannot access the dashboard at all. After reboot I run a system check and everything returns to normal for a week or so.

Unplugging the MyCloud EX2 is the only way to resolve the slowness of both file access and dashboard. After speaking with WD tech support they had be factory reset the entire device which resolved the issue for a few months but then it returned.

Currently 1.5 of 3TB is being used, I have 2 3TB WD Red drives in RAID 1 configuration.

@Jonty.S do you have any other ideas as to the cause? The issue has become a weekly occurance.