Ex WD MyBook shown as RAW

I’ve migrated my WD MYBook 2TB out of its enclosure into my PC as an internal SATA drive and its data is now inacessable. It appears as a RAW file system in disk management and I have run TestDisk to see what I could gather. The results are as follows (I’m not sure how to use spoilertags   ) :


Any help would be much appreciated as always. My understanding is that the partition tables are corrupted as Easeus and RecoverMyFiles finds files but with incorrect names (FILE001.png, FILE002.png, etc). This could also be related to the mft records but I’m really stuck in the dark here.

If you have one of the my books that support hardware encryption, you wont be able to read your files if the hard drive is not inside the my book case, you should be able to format it to start using it, but it will of course delete your files.

Maybe this software will help http://www.easeus.com/resource/repair-raw-disk.htm  or as a last resort sometimes running command prompt to convert from FAT32 to NTFS works scroll down to the middle and it shows the steps you need to follow http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307881 I’ve seen this recommended on a few diffent computer sites as a fix for a Raw partition.