EX 4100 upgrade to version 5


I have a WD Mycloud Ex4100 in version 2.41.116 (I know, it’s old…)

I want to upgrade to the newest version 5. How should I proceed? Is there any documentation about that?
Should I go to an intermediary version first?


Considering the issues I’ve encountered, I’d strongly advise against that. 5 seems half-finished and full of bugs. Stay clear for the time being.

Thanks… I use an APP installed in the EX4100, and I’d like to update that app. I’ll check with the vendor what I can do…

If you don’t have a very special setup (iSCSI volumes, link aggregation off etc) you might wanna give the upgrade a try. Do take a backup first, I have had a zillion of issues, still unresolved and WD support is a pain to respond to my open tickets… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I don’t use any special config in it (no iSCSI, just RAID 5 and NIC Load Balance). I’m already running a full backup and I’ve submitted a question to the app’s vendor. After I have their answer I’ll evaluate the whole scenario. Thanks…

Goodsync, from Siber Systems

If I could give you and advice, will be: Dont upgrade to version 5.
In my case, i have various EX4100 attached to networks on remote sites, and after upgrade one of then to version 5, I lost de remote access to management interface.
according to WD support, this is a version 5 feature and will not be changed. Unfortunately, I cannot come back to version 3, so that EX is stuck locally.

Thanks… I’ve already upgraded to version 5. Fortunately, I haven’t had any issues, and I use Teamviewer to access the management interface. Best regards,

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