Everybody has access to everything?


Can anybody tell me, if it’s possible to restrict access to certain folders in the internal / home network?

As much as I can see now, everybody who is connected in my LAN network, can see every single folder on my book.

And also, when mybook is connected to the television, all videos (also the ones, not that ideal for my children) can be chosen in the twonky mode.

Is this really supposed to be this way or what can I do to change this?

All I can see now, is that I can give access to only certain folders for the external use (web interface).

Thanks for any help!

Folders are not the same as SHARES.

If all of your SHARES are “Public,” then yes, anyone will be able to access them.

The solution to this is to use PRIVATE shares so that only people that have knowledge of the User ID and password will be able to access the shares.

As to your TWONKY question:  Twonky is a DLNA-based server.  DLNA has absolutely *NO* security mechanisms.

So any share that’s enabled for “Media Serving” will be served via Twonky.

Hello and thank you

As my kids don’t have their own laptops yet, the more important question was the one with twonky.

A little disappointing, if you ask me. This means, they can see all movies, that are not really supposed to be for them, when our mybook is connected…

I think, I understood the other problem. I have probably entered the password once on both of my laptops and now it’s used automatically? I don’t know. At least I can see all shared I have on my mybook with both laptops, without entering any password and they all are set up as “private”.

But I think, I will be able to solve this, once the kids have their own laptops. So, they won’t get a television in their room, but a PC, as it’s easier to restrict, what they can see on the PC than on television ;o)