Every upload to my cloud gets same name. Stereo

Hello, since a few months now, all the movies i upload to my cloud are getting the same name: stereo. That makes it very difficult to find a movie. In the past all movies got their own name.
Also when i look on my tv to my cloud in the map movies it just shows less then half the movies. When i surch by title i can find them all.
What could be the problem and how can i resolve this please.

How are you “uploading” the video?
What format is the video? Is it cellphone video? Is it MP4, MKV, AVI, etc.?
Where are you seeing the video named “Stereo”? In Windows File Explorer/Mac Finder? Or in some other app or program?
How is the TV connecting to the My cloud? Is it using the My Cloud Twonky Media Server or is it using some other program (like Plex) or a direct connection?
Have you checked the metadata tags on the video file to see if it is possible the title of the video is “stereo”? If so one can remove the metadata tag(s) to see if that clears the issue.
If using Twonky Media Server one may have to rebuild the Twonky database through the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings or via the Twonky administration page (example: http://wdmycloud:9000).

When i look trough my network on my laptop all the names are corect. When i look on my tv i find the last 13 movies as stereo. All the movies are in mp4 format. It had always been that way. The conection between the smart tv and my cloud is wireless. In the settings from my tv i find my cloud back as an extenal divice.

Your TV is likely using a DLNA client to access the My Cloud’s Twonky Media Server.

As previously indicated use a metadata tag program to view the metadata tags for your movie files. If those files are incorrectly tagged (Title tag) then Twonky or the TV’s media file browser may pull that Title tag information and display it to your TV’s DLNA client and you will see the wrong title name for the movie.

There are various metadata tag programs out there for certain media file formats. For example if you use MP4 and MKV encoded media files one can use the free Mp3Tag (https://www.mp3tag.de/) program to view, edit, add, remove metadata tags from those encoded files. After changing the metadata tag information on media files one may have to access the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings and rescan the media for the Twonky Media Server.

Hi Bennor, problem is resolved thanks to you. Tag’s incorrectly tagged. Thank you for the help.