Every time I turn on my computer My Passport 1 Tb is not recognized


   I searched for some time and I could see some people have the same problem as I do, but they didn’t receive a proper solution in forums outside WD, so I’m trying this forum now.

   I connected my new external My Passport 1 Tb to my USB 2 in the back of my desktop, downloaded the most recent SE driver from the internet and I could use it without problems as if it was a pen drive.

   Now, every time I turn off my computer and turn it on again, I receive a Windows (Vista 64 bits) message saying it cannot be recognized.

   If I simply disconnect the USB from the HD side and connect it again and it will work without problems, so I believe it has nothing to do with amount of power reaching the HD (and my power source is considerable - 1000 W).

   It’s very annoying to have to reconnect it every time I turn on the computer. Does anyone have a clue of what is going on?

   Thanks in advance!



Well as per your description this seems to be a computer problem. Have you connect your drive to a different computer?