Every file in a folder appearing 3 times

I tried to search this issue but couldn’t find it?

I am in Files mode in a 64Gb USB Flash Drive.  In a folder called “TV” and in that folder in another folder called “Arrow”.

In this folder I have episodes 1 to 9 but each file appears 3 times.

Going “Back” to the root directory and then forward again doesn’t reset this.

I am on the latest firmware as the unit updated itself when I first set it up.

I have a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.  In fact I have 3 of them, 2 as presents for my daughters.  My youngest daughter also has 2 of them…  So we are a multi unit family   :)  (5 altogether)

Clear the media library by plugging the USB into your PC and deleting the hidden .wd_tv folder.

Thanks for the response.

I raised this as an issue as it appears, to me anyway, as a bug in the firmware.

I didn’t do anything strange and got the problem.  :frowning:

I had a totally different make of media player and got much the same problem except there each file was repeated FOUR times…  This suggests to me that both the WD and the other media player started with the same firmware source program?   :slight_smile:

Anyway, the problem is moot as I have watched all the episodes and have deleted the folder concerned   :slight_smile:

louwin wrote:

This suggests to me that both the WD and the other media player started with the same firmware source program?

Interesting.  Which other media player was it?

I think it was the DXtreme DX-390.  I had 2 of them but sent them both back because of “freezing” problems plus others.

I have had a few media players/PVRs and I must say the WD TV Live differs greatly from them.  It seems to do so much more than just media playing   :smiley: but I think it has its’ issues too   :frowning:

More information to repeated filenames.

Right, I connected a Seagate 1.5Tb portable external drive to the front port.  This disc has a “Movies” folder.

In this folder I have folders for each letter of the alphabet - “A Movies”, “B Movies”, “C Movies” etc till “Z Movies”.

I went into the “D Movies” and watched a Doctor Who Christmas special.  When it finished I deleted the movie.

At this point every file in the folder (D Movies) appears TWICE.

I went into “C Movies” and everything was as should, every file appearing once.

Went back to the “D Movies” folder and everything was still TWICE.

Bug or Feature?