EVERY drive giving errors even though they work

I’ve bought about 3 different WD blue hard drives in the past few month, each one giving errors and I just assumed that they were bad drives and I sent them back.

I bought this one back at the end of August, and after a few days gave me errors. I did the quick test and got error code 2, extended test gave error code 8. I replaced the cable and it worked for a bit. Then it happened again, where the drive was giving me errors downloading on steam, so I ran the quick test and extended test, got error code 8, and replaced the cable. This worked for the last week, and now it’s starting to give me more steam disk errors.

The fact that it works, allowing me to write to it and read from it, makes me think that the error might be on the software side, since every drive I’ve had for the past few months have been giving the same error.

And ideas what might be causing this?


Probably best to await the WD formal response, but i implemented a full erase, and reformatted the disk, using the v1.31 windows tools, and the extended test passed the drives. WD indicate that the drives can be used. See my post denoted wd-blue-and-black-failure on this forum.

I personally would refrain from using them as the drive with the main OS installed, but using them as a backup or mirrored drive with another disk to mitigate errors.