Evernote in smartware

I use ‘Evernote’ on a daily basis and save a of a lot of info in there. (Photos, notes, web pages, web snippets, Office docs in all formats etc.)

At present my account holds roughly 3,500 of my documents.

I know Evernote save the info but I also know that anything can malfunction so a second copy on the MCM would be a life saver.

I know it is apprarantly used by millions around the world and on the iPhone it appears in most send to lists plus it has a web clipper amongst many other things to save a web page etc.

Its popularity is growing and it would be nice to see smartware keeping up with the trend.

I have it on my Windows PC, two windows laptops and my iPhone and it syncs them all so I can start on one machine, carry on with another and end with the third and they all show the same info.

Again, in smartware I would love to see ‘Evernote’ as a source and backup target.

It would give the Smartware a big lift and ad safety to a lot of people’s work…


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