Event emails are blank

Does anyone understand why I first get an event email that is full of question marks and then later on (usually 30 minutes) get an email with the fields filled in?

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive .

Event title:???

Event description:???


Event code:

Event time:09-30-2012 07:06:15 PM

Firmware version: 02.32.05-144

Following events are generated on your MyBookLive .

Event title:Temperature normal

Event description:The system temperature is within the normal specified temperature range.


Event code:2003

Event time:09-30-2012 07:36:19 PM

Firmware version: 02.32.05-144

You might need to conctact WD for this one… in my case I only get one email.

WD contact info.


I unchecked the option to send events, saved it, then rechecked/enabled it.  That seems to have worked so far.  I got one temperature message at 3:10am instead of several pairs of messsages throughout the day.