EtreCheck Freeze

Yosemite, EtreCheck 2.
When I run EtreCheck it freezes during the hardware tests. When I remove MyBook from the system the check runs completely through to the end/report.
MyBook looks fine otherwise. Backup appear to be where they should be… but something is definitely wrong. Please advise.
Have a question on this in the Apple Forums too. No response… yet.


Is it possible to try another USB external drive on your computer or try the My Book on another computer?

so, what is to gain? I bring my LaCie from another office backup and plug it in.

I suppose i should turn Time Machine OFF. What would I learn? I already know that the computer talks to the MyBook & backsup.

I have run Disk Utilities on the MyBook. No problems.

Hmmmmmm… everything seems OK but for EtreCheck.