Ethernet WD HD lose network local device name but can still ping ip address

I have 3 computers OS Window 7.  Router Linksys E3000 and 2 Ethernet connected WD My Book World Edition 1 TB hard drives .  All connected to each other for about a 1.5 years, then about a month ago I started losing the WD hard drive connections on all the computers.  I can ping the ip address of WD hard drives  but they lose their network local device name and I can not access them by http://ipaddress.  To restore the connections to the computers I have to reboot the WD hard drives.  Rebooting the Computers or the Router does nothing.  I lose the local device name at random.  I can reboot both WD HD at the same time and lose one in a couple of hours and keep one for another 2 hours!  I have turned off the HDD standby.  I have FTP, NFS and AFP enabled.  All my shares are correct.  I’ve cleared the dns cashe. All devices are on static IPs.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Make sure there’s not a conflict with the drives. Since there are similar drives Windows might have problems while reading it. Try mapping the drives to different letters, also rename the drives trough the Network interface.

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Your suggestion worked for about 72 hours then both HD lost their network local device name again, had to reboot both HD.  This is much better than what I had which was about 4 to 12 hours so thank you very much.

From the research I did, the HD will need replacing very soon if I have to continue rebooting them every 72 hours!  I do appreciate your help!  Thanks.