Ethernet to USB converter

Ive got my wireless usb stick connected no problem but it now gives me only one usb port for my hard drives. Can I get a ethernet rj45 to usb adaptor and plug my wireless usb stick into the ethernet port for internet access ?  Giving me back my 2 usb ports for hard drives.

No, but you can use a USB hub…

I’ve tried a hub before… had no luck?

I have a small (not powered) 4 port hub that does work with a WD Live Plus. You cannot have two drives on the hub side, but you can have the network adapter and thumb drive on the hub and another drive off the side port. Works well. cj

 I use a 4-usb hub. I’ve only attached one hard drive to it. I haven’t tried attaching another. I also have my keyboard wireless receiver in the hub too. They work perfectly. It is not a powered hub… maybe that the reason it works.