Ethernet Port 1% - Connected at 10/100 (PR4100)

Hi all, I’ve recently setup my WDPR4100 RAID 10 and connected it to my computer via ethernet. I ensured the ethernet cables could support 10 gigabit, and everythingseem to be working fine, but I get message when I first boot up my computer (Windows 10) saying:

“MyCloudPR4100 Ethernet Port 1% - Connected at 10/100”

Anyone know what this means, and also how to correct it?

Thank you!

You shouldn’t connect your PC directly to the PR4100. Attach it to your router.

Hey, thanks for replying. I do have it plugged into an extender (as the router is on another level of the house) but for the work I’m doing I need it connected directly to the computer as well. It seems to be working fine, speeds are fast, am just baffled by what this message means.