Ethernet over power question

Hi all. I’m wondering if I need to plug the WD My Cloud directly into the router or if connecting via EoP in another room to the router will still yield the same effect/performance?

Thank you.


unless you have the newest gigabit eop, as most of them are rated at 500mb/s, I would recommend that you connect the MyCloud directly to your router. 

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Thanks Raphael. What’s likely to be the ramifications of using the 500mb/s EoP?

of course the most obvious is half the speed but I never did like eop devices, mainly that it is fighting through a power line encoding and decoding the signal at both ends to deliver network data.

So at best, you might even drop to half of that signal to 250mb/s which is now a quarter of what you would get on a gigabit connection.

The best place for a NAS is always beside the router anyways. The MyCloud is meant to be a hidden over in the Cloud device and not beside your computer or your bedroom. 

I might consider an Eop if I wanted to hide it downstairs or in the closet where no-one can find it but only if it is the newest and latest gigabit eop but then again, a 100 feet cat 5e ethernet cable is cheaper; with a guaranteed gigabit speed.

Copy mate, thanks again for the info. :slight_smile: