Estrongs File Explorer Public Folder Access Problem

My phone is Motorola Milestone. It’s on Android 2.1. I use a software named Estrongs File Explorer to get access to my computer and storage.

I am able to connect to my nas and i can get access to every folder in it using the right user names or for shared to everyone folders i can get access with anonymous user. Except one folder, public folder :S
I only want to get access to public folder.
What can cause this problem? Why cannot i get access to public folder?
When i try to open folders that i have no rights it says “network path not found or time out. Please try again”.
Although public is a shared folder for everyone it doesn’t allow me, it gives the same error.
There’s another folder named download. Its access rules are the same as public and i can open that folder with anonymous user or a user defined in my storage. I cannot get  access to public folder neighter with anonymous user nor with a user of my storage.

After spending 1 day to solve the problem, i give up.

I’ve created my own “public” folder and carry my files(still copying 1 tb of data :S).

I prefer accessing files from my phone to Wd’s original public folder functionality as i couldn’t find a way to solve the problem.

Why don’t you try AndroXplorer. New Popular file manager for Android