Essentials vs. Studio editions

I have one WD MY Essentials ext. HDD and two My Book Studio Edition ext. HDDs.  The Essentional’s follows my PC, i.e…, when my PC shuts down the Essentional’s also shuts down; when my PC reboots the Essentional’s also reboots, etc. How do I get my Studio Editions to do the same???

I am assuming you are using USB interface.

Depending on your system (PC or Mac) small power is feeded through USB after system is off.

In this case, your drive may continue to spin for 10 minutes before spinning down.

When starting, because USB interace was ON your drive maybe in sleep state and may not spin up until drive is accessed.  Most of Mac’s USB port is live even after the system is turned off.

Hope this helps.

As I stated in my first post, I am using a PC. But your reply still doesn’t explain why the Essentials HDD works with my PC while my MyBook Studios require me to manually turn them on and off .