Essential Ed 2.0 Transfer REALLY SLOW!

 (Model #10000h1u-00 – 1 terabtye)

I too am having very slow transfer rates with this device (2-3MBYTE/Sec)!

This is with two different, new notebooks, one with XP, the other Vista 64.  Pretty sure USB 2.0 is enabled since I can access another external IDE drive via a generic adapter at 10X the speed of the Essential, (using the same USB cable, not that I think that’s relevant).

I see the drive is formatted with FAT32, so I wonder if this could be a factor.  If so, it’s still a pain since I have already written around 70GB to it, and don’t see any way to “shrink” an external FAT32 volume to prepare for NTFS (I’d like to keep both kinds for my older Macintosh).  In any case I doubt that FAT32 would slow things down that much.

There MUST be some solution to this, since as things stand I’m VERY unsatisfied!