Essential 1140 issue

my drive just stopped working, its 6 months old. my laptops wont recognise it as a drive, but when i go into disk management, it’s listed as a device

when it’s plugged into any of my laptops it just hangs at this…

i tried the lifguard software, it sees the drive, tests pass without it scanning anything but in status it says warning.


I try to update it, the update sees the drive but it fails immediately…


now i am assuming that the drive(only 6 months old)is failing, would this be a correct assumption? if so I need to get some of the data recovered before i send it in to WD.

Hi, you can try using another USB cable. If that doesn’t work, you can try using a data recovery program to scan the hard drive, with the help of Google your should be able to find several option.