eSATA port

I recently bought a passport ultra iTB drive with a usb 3.0 cable. I only have usb 2.0 ports and pci express cards don’t seem to work for my laptop. I also have an eSATA/usb 2.0 port, and was wondering if there is a different cable I can attach to the hdd to use that port. My understanding is that the eSATA is significantly faster than a regular usb 2.0 port.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Note that USB adapters or extension cables are not supported. This means that if you get a USB3.0 to eSata adapter it might work but it is not guaranteed.

Thanks for the response. Do they make a cable that would go directly from the passport to the eSATAp on the laptop? I believe the passport has a micro-B USB port. Do eSATA cables carry power or would it have to have a splitter?