eSATA connection

Q 1

I want to buy a WD My Book 3.0 but I need to know if it can connect to my eSATA port

I have a recent Sony Vaio VPCEB3Z1E which has one eSATA port for an external drive.


If Q1 works, can it back up another external WD My Passport drive connected through USB2 to the same PC?

I’m running Windows 7 in 64 bit mode

Thanks for answer



It’s a USB drive, not an eSATA drive – it lacks the eSATA interface.

If you my the correct model of My Book that has esata, then yes you can do this, I have a Sony Vaio (2 months old) and I connect my MY Book via esata and my passport 1tb via usb, works fine as you just use WD smartware for the passport and the My Book is completly seperate