Errors Exist in Client Backup AND Computers and Backups disappeared from Dashboard

I have a DX4000 which runs RAID5 with 4 drives. Last drive failure seems to have occurred mid-backup.
Now backup won’t run on any client as it reports that “Errors exist in Client Backup” message.
The suggested solution for this is to open ‘Computers and Backup’ select the stuck one and choose Repair. (see screen image)
Can’t do this as Computers and Backup no longer appears in the Dashboard.

So far I have :slightly_smiling_face:
Cleared all storage related errors by replacing the failed drive and allowing it to repair in the usual way
Uninstalled and re-installed the connector software for all clients
Stopped and restarted all backup related services on clients and on the server
Re-started the server (several times after various other attempts)
Confirmed there is a corrupt backup - in the Client Computer Backups folder there are cluster backups dated 90 minutes before the disk failed (disk failed at 02:05, healthy looking backup clusters timed at 00:36 exist). A file called GlobalCluster.4096.dat exists with timestamp 02:10 then no other backup files.
Ran chkdsk /f/r on both c: and d: drives on the server

Can I just delete the corrupt backup files and re-boot - somehow I don’t expect that to work as it will have squirrelled this problem away somewhere else that needs repairing ? And if I delete the offending files it may become irrecoverable ?

All the existing backups appear to be fine - they are all accessible.
The server knows the clients connected - each one gets the “there is a computer with this name already connected” message when the connector software re-installs.
I can also login via the Dashboard from any client and run server programs as normal.

Any ideas or help please…


Open the dashboard in safe mode and see if it is disabled

Thanks for that ! For some reason it didn’t occur to me that the missing icon could just be the Dashboard, and I had done a quick MS forum search too ! Anyway it is now going through its ‘attempt to repair’ process… will update later if that works.

The repair normally does “something” As in you should be able to back up afterwards but may lose some of the backups. Worst case remove them all and start over

Glad the tab was an easy fix

Well the repair failed the first time because somewhere in the process the ‘Volume shadow copy’ service got stopped. Fortunately a fairly good trail for that was left in the Event logs. I restarted that manually and the repair then ran through ok. It trashed the backups for one client but all the others were recovered unaffected - and it’s back working as normal (if a bit slow while it catches up…).
I’ve marked your first response as an answer - thanks again.

Glad all is well
Thanks for the update