Errors copying files to HD (error -50)

Hi Guys,

I have a large amount of files that I need to copy to my new WD 6TB MyBook World Edition and am getting a lot of errors, I am on a mac and I’m pretty sure it’s either the invisible files that the mac creates that’s causing the problem or permissions, probably the first one because if I copy the contents of the folder directly it’s fine… That would take me years as I have about 4.5TB of files to copy over off a variety of drives!

Has anyone got any tips or things I can do to make this work easier?

Many thanks,


How are you trying to copy the files? Using Time Machine, another software or just a clean copy? o.o


I’m just doing straight copies off a selection of other WD drives that I own. It’s very frustrating as I almost have to re-create every folder and copy each file individually, some folders copy over fine, others not…

Still after help if anyone knows any ideas?

Just to let people know… solved!

Mounted as SMB://ip.address and it works fine…