Error with MBL on Mac OS 10.7.2

Since Apple’s latest software update (10.7.2) I can’t use Time Machine anymore. I receive the following error:

Access denied to ‘/Volumes/TimeMachine/MacBook Pro.sparsebundle’ 

I translated the error into English. For the Dutch speaking readers:

Er kan geen toegang worden verkregen tot het schijfkopiebestand ‘/Volumes/TimeMachine/MacBook Pro.sparsebundle’ dat voor de reservekopie wordt gebruikt (fout -1).

The software seems to be up to date (according to the back-end of the MBL).

Who can help me with this error?

Thanks in advance,


Problem solved! Rebooting the MBL solved the issue :slight_smile:

The problem is not solved (yet) as I keep receiving the error message. After I reboot the MBL it works 1 or 2 times but then I receive the error again. Can somebody please help?