Error Window - No Description


Installed new 4TB My Cloud this morning.  All seems well except for when I open WD My Cloud from the desktop.  I initially get a window describing the Security Alert window that may pop up and to select Yes.  I have not seen this window pop up.  I click OK and it brings me to the WD My Cloud window and indicates what devices are found on my network.  Only the WDMYCloud that I just installed.  When I click on this, I get an error message with no error description as shown below.  Once I click OK, everything seems to work just fine.  This is as far as I’m at in the install and don’t want to continue until I can rectifythis.  Thanks in adance for any assistance you can provide…John


You need to read the User Manual, ,

Getting Started, and page 19 (Using the WD My Cloud for Desktop App)

will explain the error message.


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cat0w (USA)