Error when registering product

When I try to register my product, I get an error message that says “No results found”.
I have an invoice, I have tried typing everything in multiple times, different web browsers, changing the purchase date to the shipping date, and it still gives me the same error. I waited weeks and now months but the issue persists. Chat was no help as they didn’t have a solution nor could help me with the specific website issue.

Based on your SN due to the device having a -1 PN the registration worked via the WD Registration. Your product has been registered.

Thank you so much! So it’s a Western Digital drive more so than a G-Technology G-Drive?

Hi @Rydia , I’m facing the same issue with a 2T SSD My Passort, model WDBAGF0020BGY. Could you help me maybe with this issue. Thanks! Lucas