Error: WD Sync Service quit unexpectedly

I keep getting subject error after syncing is started…it just keeps popping up. I uninstalled and reinstalled but keeps occuring. I’ve also rebuilt the database just before new install of WD Sync, but error keeps occuring. I’m on OSX 10.11 using My Cloud EX2. Is this a known error or something else I need to configure, etc. to get working?

Hello, welcome to the community.

When you uninstall the App from you mac, can you go into your Mac HD and then go into the folder called library and the application support? Do you see a WD Sync folder?

i have the same issue. in regards to your question yes the wd sync folder is in app support.

Hi i have the same problem,
Did you find a solution.
Also i can’t get rid of the wd symbol on the top bar

Hi there, I have noticed this issue as well.

On my iMac, I keep getting this annoying pop up error message and the WD icon as well on the bar at the top of my screen.

I can’t find the folder inside the library. It is out of the library folder. Should I put it back there?