Error trying to update the firmware

When i try to update the firmware I get the following error message:

System shut down, restore, and restart, as well as a firmware update, are prohibited when the following operations are in progress: disk formatting, disk resizing, disk migration, and firmware upload.

Apparently there is already an update in progress but the progress bar stays at 0%

*** I just noted the RAID Status is listed as Migrating (with a warning sign)

What is that supposed to mean?

Hello, did you change the RAID from what it came in the box? Did you added a new drive? Normally the Migrating message comes after a change in the RAID settings.

I just extracted the drives and put them back inside.

The status led light of one of them is in RED.

Has the RAID migration process finished or at least moved? I would connect the one with the RED status light to a computer either via SATA or via USB to SATA adapter and check them using the WD DLG.