[Error] red led in HDD slot and alert: raid roadming enable

Dear all,
I’m encountering errors red led in HDD slot. earlier still use normal
and alert : raid roadming enable
and then SSH & web dashboad not connect

I tried to replace other hard drive and move another HDD slot and reset 40s but not work

WD DL4100 + 1 HDD 2TB WD blue

this is error:

please help me!

You may want to post your question, if you haven’t already, in the dedicated subsection for the DL series devices where your liable to get answers from fellow DL owners/users, rather than the My Cloud subforum,


Similar problem. Had to return a faulty 2100 to the retailer. Swapped the disks out at the store. New 2100 booted but showed red lights for the drives. Drives work and are shown as “Healthy”. Raid Roaming Enabled shows up in the Alerts.
Service is going to dig into the 2100 to find out why the drive lights are red.


Replying to myself…
When I logged onto the Dashboard shortly after posting above, a Raid Roaming warning was displayed before I could enter the Dashboard. After saying YES, or something like that, the red drive lights turned to blue.
Don’t know why it took so long for that warning to show, and I have no idea why Raid Roaming Enabled already showed in the Alarms.
Anyway. All is well now.
Would like to compliment the 2nd tier service for their excellent attention. They were going to call on this very issue today.


Thanks you, but i can’t enter to dashboard.
I sent to warranty and waiting…