Error reading files My Passport 500 3.0

My Passport 500 GB 3.0.  I have a problem, I copy several sequential winrar files to My Passport drive, when I unrar, one o more files  of them gives me crc error on file. I copied it again and it works perfectly. Any ideas.
Win 7 operating system, USB Cable Original, latest version of firmware, Lenovo Notebook, no port USB Hub

CRC error means  cyclic redundancy check error.

It appears that you have a bad sector on the drive and it needs to be replaced before it gets worse.

Just to be safe I would suggest that you call WD tech support to create the RMA if your drive is under warranty.

Or you can do it from the website

Could you clarify a few things for me? Are these sequential RAR files separate archives, or are they part of a multipart archive? When unRARring, do the CRC errors occur on the RAR file, or on files within the RAR archive?

Have you compared the errored RARs against the originals? Have you run a memory test on your computer?

Hi fzabkar, it´s a multipart archive and when I unraring the error occur on the rar file. The same operation o my computer (inside disk) I never found problems. Todoy a run a test with HDD regenerator and the software don’t found bad sectors. I a very confused now

You can run the File Compare command in a Windows DOS box, as follows:

fc /b file1.RAR file2.RAR

If the differences are in one particular bit, then this would exclude a cabling problem. I’m assuming that the file sizes are the same.

Hi, Thanks, the file size is the same, i don’t kwoen reaaly what’s happends. It’s a random problem. :frowning:

I don’t know what else to suggest until you’ve compared a good and bad file.

You say that you have no problem on your host computer, but I would still run an overnight memory test using Memtest86 or Memtest86+. (Memtest86) (Memtest86+)

I test the memory o my computer and their are no errors.

I make a second test. First a copy  10 files from my computer to the WD disk, when I unrar on the WD they found 2 files with problems, I copy the 2 files again and unrar without problems, then I copy this 10 rar files to a second computer and unrar this files on  this second computer and found erros en files (no the same, y tray again coping the files again from WD to the second computer and unrar and they works. I think that it’s a communication problem between the computers and the HD. Take in mind, that y test that the HD has the last firmware install. I am very disoriented.

Inside the enclosure is a USB-SATA brdige chip. On the host side is the USB communications interface, while the drive side is SATA. I would think that, if there is a communication problem between the drive and the bridge IC, then you should see UDMA CRC errors in the SMART report.

Try a comprehensive SMART diagnostic tool.

HD Sentinel (DOS / Windows / Linux):

HDDScan for Windows: