Error on Selftest WDC WD5000AADS-00S9B0

HI Guys,

my WD HDD bring errors on recording in my Technisat HD S2+ HDD Receiver. The movies has dropouts

and pixel errors. I connect HDD on my PC, use WD Util Win and received this values.

I didnt understand the smart values, but  the selftest is in error, i think its a problem :frowning:

How long is warranty and where can i change the HDD. The data on it are not important for me. not really :slight_smile:

thanks for support

Hi did you buy this drive or did it come with the HDD receiver if it came with the receiver you would look to them for the warranty. To check the warranty status you can go to this page and enter your serial number   . Do not post your hard drive serial number so others can see it for example your link gives that to anyone. If it is still under warranty you can start the rma process from the same page.

Thanks for the hint. I was edit the picture and delete the serial.

The hdd was installed later by myself.

I check the site for rma. Thanks.