Error Msg "A Bad Request Was Made 200400"

I’m using MYCloud 4T.

When I added user via the onfiguration UI, the UI prompted me the above msg.

Can anyone tell what does this mean?

Is this for any username? Or just a certain name?

Any chance you tried to dreate this user before?

I had an issue where a couple of users I tried to create (while was having performance iisues) did not get fully created but they did get partialy created. If this is the issue then you have 2 choices, do a system only restore then re-create all users the data and shares will still be there. or if comfortable you can manually clean it up with ssh.

Thanks. I solved the problem…WD My Cloud just didn’t accept that particular user name. I used another user name…it worked.

But…if the user name is unacceptable, it should prompt us “bad user name” instead of “bad request”. We were confused…and guessing what was going wrong.