Error message

I’m trying to back up my files using My Book (usb3) but keep getting the error 0x810031 (Incorrect Function). I’ve tried changing files to back up and still get the error. I cannot find anything on the WD FAQ or troubleshooting files to give me any information on this error. Does anyone know what to do?

Hello, see if the following link helps.

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I believe the solution probably fixed my error problem but I can’t really say for sure. I believe I have to delete the whole WD application from my pc. I downloaded the latest update and tried to install it. I received an error that “My Book” was open and I should close it and retry the install. I did that and the install asked me to open the “My Book” by using my password. I opened the application and received the error “My Book is being used. Please close it and restart the installation.”