Error message

I keep getting a error message every time I backup a file:

“Backup destination WDMyCloudEX2\Smartware cannot be authenticated. Please verify your login information.”

The backup appears to work OK but I don’t know why I keep getting this error message

Hello, welcome to the WD Community. This seems to be some sort of credential conflict, have you tried to uninstalling and re-installing the Smartware?

Yes. I uninstalled the software and then re-installed it and I am no longer getting the error message.

But, there seems to be an issue with the interface between the hardware (MyCloud EX2) and the software.

I installed my system a couple days ago and initially did a backup that was around 200 GB. My hardware said I had 2.9 TB of storage available when I first started. I did my backup to a Share named “Smartware”. But yesterday I decided to delete that Share with the understanding that it would delete my data also.

I thought if I uninstalled the Smartware software it would recognize the available space I should have on my hardware but for some reason it thinks I only have 2.7 TB of space available.

I am not sure why it thinks that a drive that should contain no data still has about 0.2 TB of data on it.

I setup a backup to a share then decided to renam the share and reset the backup.  The software thinks I still have the old name and gives me the cannot authenticate message to the old name.  The new name and backup is working fine.  How can I get rid of this message?