Error message

Getting error message Configuration system failed to initialize when I attempt to bring up my smartware page.

I did some research on the web, and also have emailed  WD support without getting any replies   I am not terribly computer literate and need just some step by step concise instructions on how to correct this problem.

Having a lot of difficulty getting around these forums and also not  having my emails or private messages answered.  For two days now have continued to get error message Configuration System Failed to Initialize when I attempt to launch my Smart Ware for WD My Passport.  I do not know how to fix this so went to your website and found a fix and typed that it in, but it came back as non valid.  What is up with that?   I do not have phone support option so will need to do this online. Thanks for your help.


What OS are you running? Windows, Mac, what version.

Also what version of the software are you using?

As a recommendation, try uninstalling the software and installing that again using the latest version of the software from our site.

Also make sure that you computer is up to date with the System updates.

Please note that this is a user to user community not a direct support venue.

Windows 8.1 and that is just the point I cannot get into the software, i do not know what version.   I am update on all updates on my computer. I am reluctant to uninstall and install again, as I will surely lose everything on my Passport, Right?


Uninstalling the software wont erase the information on the drive.

See the following link for information on how to uninstall the software.

Why would I want to unstall and re install when you only give a month free install help, and obviously this is not a new unit?

I just spent almost three hours with Microsoft having them troubleshoot the situation and they are saying there is no disc space on my drive!!!  So where is the information i thought I had b een saving going to?  MS was unable to find a corrupt file.

After another trying day with Microsoft trying to help me resolve these software issues, I am still getting error message as I have for the past four d ays, that is, configuration system did not initialize.  I was able to uninstall and attempt to re install, but it did not take.  Could this be a hardware problem, and how do i know that?   Computer continues to be updated with all the current updates.