Error Message

Hey guys,

I have this  Hard Drive and when i try to install windows 7 I get Error 0xE0000100: Windows installation encountered an unexpected error. Verify that the installation sources are accessible, and restart the installation.

If I try to install windows xp it formats the HDD for 3 hours and then says it failed due to some error on the disk.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I should note this computer has no OS it is freshly built BIOS only. 

i7 930 

corsair 2gb DDR3 x2

nVidia 260 GTX

Gigabyte Motherboard

Rosewill 950w PSU

You have an advanced format drive that needs to be formatted before XP can be installed on it.  XP does not have the capability to properly align and format 4K drives.  Please see the link below.


I didn’t really see the part above about the Windows 7 install.  Make sure you don’t have it incorrectly jumpered.  The link above should explain what I mean.