Error message while connecting laptop to media hub


I am getting the following error message while trying to connect media hub to my laptop using WD Discovery software.

“No network devices were found. Please be sure your device is powered on and connected  to Local Area Network”

The laptop I am using has Windows 7 Operating System (32 bit).

However, I am able to connect and map the media hub from my another laptop ( Windows Vista)

So certainly the problem is with the firewall ( I guess).

I have checked the firewall options and amended the settings to allow WD Discovery communicating through the firewall.

Has anyone come across the same situation?



Any pointers???

Please help.




I doubt if its your firewall, to find out, just disable it and restart, see if it turns up.

More likely a sharing issue, but I found Win 7 to be the easiest to setup as far as that goes.

There are loads of threads like this.

Just type share in the search box.

Good Luck.

P.s - you dont need that discovery software, you should see the Hub under the network.