Error Message on startup

Please let me know if this is the wrong forum for this question. 
I am running a MY Book 2 TB Mirror in connection with me Sony Vaio laptop. I recently upgraded to Win 7 and I found that my backup was no longer working. So I upgraded the software on the My Book to the latest release for Win 7. I then deleted my old backup file and created a new, clean backup file. Everything is backed up and working fine but now I get an error message when I start my computer with, or without, the My Book attached. 

The Error messages I get are “WD Anywhere Backup is still running” And then a second screen that states that “WD Anywhere Backup is running in in another user session. Please quit there to use here” it then starts up and works fine. 
I am running a second user session on my laptop but I do not back it up directly but instead back up the files from my session. I get the error in both user sessions. 

How can I stop getting these messages every time I start up. 


I have the same problem.  Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

I also was getting the “still running” and “other session” error messages on startup of Windows 7.  

This started occurring after I installed the Win7 64-bit upgrade as an overlay-type upgrade on the older software which I had moved from my XP computer.  I finally decided to uninstall WD and perform a clean re-install.  When I went to the Control Panel | Uninstall, I discovered two instances of WD Anywhere were listed.  I guessed the top one was the older one and uninstalled it.  The startup messages are now gone.

Hope this helps!


I had the same problem – running Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate. When I clicked through both messages, all seemed to be well, but why did it happen with every restart?

Like the previous poster, when I looked at my Control Panel / Programs and Features page I found two instances of WD anywhere backup. I suspect one was an update of the software that came with the MyBook World II NAS that I’ve got. But shouldn’t the later version of the software uninstall the earlier?

I went ahead and uninstalled the older of my two versions.

Unfortunately it seems as though the “settings” for my backup were in the version that I deleted; I therefore had to find the shortcut to the remaining WD backup program (no longer in the Start menu), re-add it to the Startup folder, and then reconstruct my settings for backing up my hard drive. What a nuisance!

I have this issue.

It appears (looking in msconfig.exe) that both the 64bit and 32bit versions are set to run at startup.

I just disabled the 32bit version and am about to reboot to check if this fixes it.

[EDIT] yes that fixed it.