Error message after adding metadata to movies

Hi there - this is my first time posting here and would be really greatful for some help!

I use the latest a macbook pro and have a 3TB My Book Live.

I have a huge amount of mkv files that I want to be able to import/view in itunes and be able to play via the my cloud app so that I can stream to my apple TV via air play.

I am sucessfully munxing the mkv files to mv4 using the m4v app, and once imported into itunes they play perfectly. I can also sucessfully access them via my ipad and iphone via the My Cloud, and stream them to my apple tv 3 via air play.

The problem is after I add metadata, either through iflicks2, subler or any other metadata adding program, the movie no longer plays via the My Cloud app. It still works pefectly fine in itunes, and I can still see the file in the My Cloud app. An error message just comes up.

I have tried lots of combinations to work out what the issue is and im sure the files only stop working once metadata is added (ie file size etc is not an issue).

Does anyone know what could be happening here?

Thanks in advance.


What’s the error message you’re getting?  

I use AtomicParsley (via a script) to add metadata to all of my M4V videos and haven’t had an issue.


The message reads: “error. Unable to play this media file”.

The same file plays perfectly before the metadata is added.