Error information by "WD Discovery Software": there is no hd connected to the network

I have a WD MyBook World Edition II 2 Terabyte. I bought 2 HD 2-Tb (WD20EARS) and I would swap the original HD. However, the console does not recognize the two new HD. Error information by “WD Discovery Software”: there is no hd connected to the network. When you lay back the original HD, it works normally. I have already installed the newest firmware. There is some configuration to be done?

  Are you sure you’ve bought Western-Digital Green drives??? These are the ONLY make-model drive types that are accepted by the enclosures!


Yes. They are Western-Digital Caviar Green drives WD20EARS.

Two things:

  1. The firmware may not support the use of (2) 2 TB drives. 

  2. The other, you cannot just pull the two drives out and replace them with two brand new drives.  They need to be formatted.  If the new drives are to work, you have to add them one at a time so that the os on the existing drive can format the new one. Then, you can replace the old drive with the second new drive and it will be formatted.

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Thanks for your instructions, Bill_S.

After several attempts, I managed to make working with a total of 4TB the two new HD. 

Excuse me for my mistakes in English. I am Brazilian and I don´t speak English very well.

I have a WD My Book World Edition I, it is already updated and I also have the same problem. I can enter to configuration settings, I can change the content of the HDD, but I cannot see the new folders added after Mapping Network Drives. Can you help me, please? Thank you,



I have the same problem as you.  Can you please tell me how you resolved your issue?