Error in RAID Configuration

You may also want to check login items in your user. I had both helper apps listed to run whenever I logged in. I started getting the error messages after the 10.11.4 upgrade, too. No unmounts, though.

I’ve also started getting this error since installing OSX 10.11.4.

Error only shows up when I wake the system after it’s been in sleep mode overnight, and only for the drive I use for Time Machine backup. My other My Passport Ultra drive hasn’t reported any problem.

Neither WD Drive Utility or Apple’s Disk Utility find any issues with the drive.

What I’ve conclude is this, the “My Book” that I have is not compatible with Time Machine after the 10.11.4 update so I took it off line for back ups via Time Machine…and it triggers a RAID Configuration Error message with WD Utilities installed. The 1TB “My Passport” which I originally had a problem with has been corrected by doing an update on the firmware…I’ve since ordered a 3TB My Passport for MAC which specifically states it is compatible with Time Machine so I can have a dual backup drives…

I have the same issue. I am using OS 10.11.4 and I get the ‘raid configuration error’ message every time I wake my iMac from a long sleep - most frustrating. My ‘My Passport Ultra 2TB’ drive is not being used for Time machine backup but as my iTunes media storage.

When I try to eject the drive I need to ‘force eject’ it as something is apparently using it even when iTunes/Quicktime have been quit - the only apps which I can think would actually be using files from the drive.

Has anyone found any resolutions to this problem? Is it definitely a firmware issue?

*iTunesHelper is my only login item switched on.
*I have already deleted the ‘com.wdc.WDPrivilegedHelper.plist’ file
*Quickly sleeping/waking my iMac doesn’t seem to generate the error.

After waking up, does the error message clear on its own? I have the same issues (iMac, 10.11.4), and am using the MyBook Duo as my Time Machine backup drive (2TB, RAID 1). After the drive spins up upon waking my iMac (primarily I only see this after sleeping overnight), the pop-up message eventually disappears, apparently once the software realizes the RAID does not have an error.

I really appreciate everyone that shared here. I got the same problem… I emailed WD support and had several emails to and fro about the issue. WD support suggested me to sent it back for repair and I almost did. Then I got the solution form you.

I uninstalled WD Disk Utilities and the problem was gone. I email WD support to ask them to look into the issue.

I have the same problem starting with Apples update. I uninstalled the utilities but reinstalled it at the suggestion of wd rep. I will uninstall and see if I can get time machine back at least.

For me the problem stopped when I uninstalled the WD drive utilities application. If I ever need it again, it’s available as a download somewhere here on this site.

for El Capitan i found that folder in macintosh hd folder, library, then LaunchDaemons

This is an excellent answer.

I’m amazed that running an uninstall on the WD Drive Utilities left this file behind!

This whole issue is due to bad software programming. There is a fundamental conflict between the WD Drive utilities and Apple’s sleep mode. The hardware is fine.

The RAID Configuration ERROR message came back even with the purchase a new “My Passport for Mac” which is supposed to be compatible with Time Machine. I used the Uninstaller for WD Utilities and restarted so we’ll see what happens from this point forward…very frustrating to say the least :frowning:

So far no more RAID Configuration ERROR messages… :hugs:

thanks this makes sense to me bc i only get the error when i wake up my mac. i’ve also posted your help to another thread of similar ilk

mac raid error

This is so frustrating!!! I did everything everyone said in this thread…uninstalled the WD Drive Utilities, deleted that file, unclicked the login item, and it still does it!! How??? I’d really appreciate some help with this…


I don’t think it’s sufficient to uncheck this item; you must delete it by selecting it and clicking “-” to remove it entirely from the list.

I continued to see the error message until I did so.

Can anyone from WD confirm that this is a bug in the WD software, and not indicative of a hardware problem with the drive ??

Has anyone gotten an answer. I suddenly lost visibility of My Passport that I’ve been using for time machine for over a year. Just bought a new My Passport Ultra and got the error in RAID configuration message. Can’t find anything in the WD Utility to fix the problem.

I have the same problem. After receiving the error, I got an ‘Disk Ejected Unexpectedly’ and the drive disconnected. It then took several restarts, plugging and unplugging the drive before my Mac would recognized and mount the drive again. This is a terrible experience.

I had a firewire my book studio drive that failed also. This was the replacement drive for that. Both drives specifically say “Works with Time Machine OS X”. Neither work reliably.



I recently purchased a 3 TB My Passport for Mac, to supplement my 1TB My Passport Air. I am running a MBAir with iOS 10.11.5.

Now both the 1TB and the 3TB generate a Error in RAID Config. prompt. I run the short test and it comes back AOK. For the 3TB I have tried to run the complete test, but it shuts off before completion.

Back ups seem to be OK, but it would be a catastrophe to lose anything.

I have not been able to discern a solution in the thread above. Help appreciated.

Yes, it’s daunting to find a solution in a long thread. I was lucky and skimmed down to find bjcreative’s post on October 9th, 2015. I suggest reading that one and following the thread down as others discuss it further.

In my case I didn’t find the file to delete, but have removed the entry from my Login Items list as recommended. Based on what else I’ve read here, I suspect I will no longer see the error after I reboot.

Thank to Allah and Thank you dear I’m facing same problem now its solve thank u :slight_smile: