ERROR - Failed to Write-Cache Status on volume Volume0

All, Good afternoon. I have begun attempting to recreate the storage on my DX4000.

I’d like to describe my scenario for you… I have two of these units. One I use as a experiment/parts unit to keep my main DX4000 functional, since these are no longer made anymore. I purchased my device used, and have every intention to get my sencond unit functional. I understand there is a “whitelist” of accepted hard disks. Unfortunately I do not have the accepted WD drives and are cost prohibitive to buy this day in time. I read about a piece of WD software I can use on a functional system to add drives that are not on the whitelist. However, since I am at the initial state of recreating the storage, that will not work for me. Bottom line is I must be able to use these drives I have. I have read about third party individuals editing some XML files to add other drives to the whitelist. I have experimented with that, and have had success matching it in the edited XML whitelist when running the flash drive during boot up. I am getting an error in the recovery log “Failed to query write-cache status on volume0”. Can you shed some light on this issue? Below is the last few lines of the recovery log file.

2019.03.14 14:45:52 - INFO - Checking RAID status (2): Volume Good
2019.03.14 14:45:53 - INFO - Enabling write-cache
2019.03.14 14:45:53 - INFO - Attempt to find ATA disk Volume0
2019.03.14 14:45:53 - INFO - Obtained 21 bytes of VPD SERIAL DATA out of 25 transferred
2019.03.14 14:45:53 - DEBUG - \.\PhysicalDrive3 serial=‘0E7207A48030’
2019.03.14 14:45:53 - ERROR - Failed to query write-cache status on volume Volume0
2019.03.14 14:45:56 - INFO - =========== Recovery app END (4) ===========