Error during firmware update. My Passport Essential SE 1TB

When updating firmware (as described: I got an “Error #some number” popup and the installation got terminated. Now it looks like the harddrive got terminated as well… Are there any way to install firmware again or has the harddrive passed away for good?

You need to restart the computer before retry.

Making sure WD Passport drive is the only USB drive connected.

That way it won’t confuse the update utility.

Then re-run the “EssentialEliteFirmwareUpdater_v2.003(”.

FYI: Sometime you need administrator rights to install or run a utility program under windows vista or win7.

If not, you will get an error message or not allow to run.

Nothing worked, HDD isn’t found på computer when plugged in.

I returned it to seller when I can’t get it to work again. Thanks for trying to help though :smiley: